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James Gillespie
Founder and Partner


James J. Gillespie, PhD, JD, MPA, MA, is a multifaceted leader with a rich academic and professional background spanning healthcare, life science, and technology. Serving as the President and Co-Founder of the Center for Healthcare Innovation and the Executive Director of Prysm Institute, both in Chicago, Dr. Gillespie is an influential strategist who has also lent his expertise to prestigious institutions like Stanford University School of Medicine and Yale University School of Medicine. With several advisory roles and board memberships, he is deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a published author and researcher, his contributions extend into the realm of academia, particularly in the application of analytics, data, and technology to healthcare and business. Dr. Gillespie's impressive educational portfolio includes degrees from Northwestern University, Harvard Law School, Princeton University, and MIT, and he has served in the United States Army Reserves.


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