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Fundraising & Investor Relations

"Raise Capital" at Curant Global stands as a cornerstone service, designed to seamlessly guide companies through the complexities of securing vital funding. Leveraging our deep understanding of the capital raising landscape, we ensure your venture is perfectly positioned to attract the right investment efficiently and effectively.

Raising capital marks the beginning of an ongoing relationship with your investors, a crucial aspect that Curant Global emphasizes through our comprehensive service offerings. Beyond securing funding, we are committed to establishing and maintaining strong investor relations, ensuring a foundation of trust and transparency that supports long-term success and collaboration.

  • Capital Needs Assessment (Equity, Debt, Non-Dilutive)
  • Advisory Board Recruitment
  • Investor Targeting & Strategy
  • Pitch Preparation
  • Investment Negotiation Support
  • Investor Communication Strategies
  • Post-Funding Support & Reporting
Fundraising & Investor Relations

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